Ratho Climbing Centre rave sparks noise complaints

The climbing centre at Ratho being used for its more traditional role. Picture: Gareth Easton
The climbing centre at Ratho being used for its more traditional role. Picture: Gareth Easton
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A RAVE at a climbing centre sparked noise complaints from homes more than a mile away.

The dance event at Ratho International Climbing Arena saw a German DJ called Sven Vath whip a sell-out crowd of 2500 revellers into a frenzy on Saturday.

International star DJ Sven Vath at work. Picture: Getty

International star DJ Sven Vath at work. Picture: Getty

But the thud of a repetitive bass drum kept a swathe of fed-up residents awake until around 3am. It is understood environmental wardens were hit with a barrage of ­complaints about the noise.

One resident – who did not wish to be named – said: “It was incessant – I couldn’t hear Match of the Day.”

The news comes just months after the city agreed to write off a £230,000 debt owed by the centre and 
approved a £940,000 splurge to replace its roof.

Leighton Herriot, 43, said the blaring dance music which travelled more than a mile from the arena drowned out the television in his own living room.

He said: “I was watching the television and you could hear the noise from the rave over it. It was like someone was driving past in a car with the stereo blasting.

“I’m probably about one mile away from the climbing centre but couldn’t sleep for the noise of the bass drum. The noise was escaping and kept me up until 2.30am.

“I was surprised I could hear it so clearly because we live on the other side of the canal from the arena with banks of trees in the way.”

It is believed climbing centre management have pledged to improve soundproofing ahead of any further concerts.

Mr Herriot added: “Obviously I’m not against having music events locally with money coming into the area but I was quite annoyed because taxpayers have spent a fortune bailing out the arena and we are repaid by not being consulted or even considered when a event like this goes on.

“There should be some ­consideration for the people living nearby.”

Graeme Gardiner, director of operations at Edinburgh Leisure, said noise issues were sorted before midnight.

He said: “Both Police Scotland and Edinburgh council were involved in pre-event safety briefings to ensure that all health and safety procedures were followed.

“We are aware there were a small number of residents adversely affected by noise levels early in the night, ­however this was addressed before midnight.”

Frankfurt-based DJ Sven Vath has an international following and attracts huge crowds to his shows. Considered one of the top music DJs in the world, he has enjoyed a 30-year career.

Before the show – believed to be a money-spinner for the climbing centre – fans were told the gig was taking place at a “secret Edinburgh ­location”.