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This week we have a renewed appeal for some answers to questions:

Q Barrie Mitchell writes: “As part of my family research, I am trying to trace the girl I met in 1962 in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle. The girl’s father (my grandfather) was called John Grant Payne and it was in 1962 when he visited from the USA. The girl’s name is believed to be Hilary and she was born in the early 1950s (she was about 11 in 1962), quite likely in Edinburgh. Her mother was called Ella or a variation of that.” Anyone who can help should email

Q Reader Frank Mooney is hoping to find details of a painting he owns. He writes: “I purchased Oil On Board from the Hearing Aids for Dogs about two years ago. Many people ask me where it was painted and who the artist is. It is signed ‘N Craigs 76’. I cannot find any information about him and would be grateful if anyone has information on who he was and what the picture represents.”

Q Mr J Reid, of Willowbrae writes: “I am keen for information about a building in Queen Street. It is on the left-hand side going west between Frederick Street and North Castle Street. It has twin towers and two doors and is now a fitness club. I would like to know when it was built, was it a church, and what was it called originally?”