Readers queries: Old Stockbridge dancehall spins readers right round

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THANKS to one of our readers, who has provided us with a bit more information about the old Dance Hall in Stockbridge.

Q Last week we printed a question from a reader asking to find out more about an old city dance hall: “I think there was a hall called the Labour Hall, which used to be near Findlay’s the Bakers.

“They used to hold dances on a Saturday night, and I’d like to know if anyone else remembers this. Hope you can help.”

A Now we have received this reply, pointing out that the hall was actually in Raeburn Place, not Cockburn Place, and that it was a popular venue for local residents at the time.

Grahame McLennon writes: “The Independent Labour Party Hall was at the first floor level of 90 Raeburn Place above James W. Finlay’s shop and bakery at 88 and 92, now James Wilson Furniture.

“Two residential flats now occupy number 90.

“My parents’ wedding reception in 1928 was held in the hall, a popular venue for Stockbridge residents.”

Thanks to Mr McLennon for writing in. Anyone who thinks they can help, or has a query themselves, can e-mail us at or write to Readers Queries using the address below.