Readers’ queries: Salon Picture House closure | Scotia men-only club

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Mr Dougie Millar writes from Livingston looking for Leith locals to tell him when the Salon Picture House was closed down.

Mr Millar – who is now 67 – used to be a regular visitor to the venue.

“The Salon was a regular Saturday night out for me in my younger days, which were a long time ago. I was brought up in Edinburgh and although I am staying in Livingston I look at Edinburgh in the distance as my home city. I don’t have internet, broadband, as it’s too hi-tech for me. Every time I go down to Leith, I look at the old Salon Picture House as it is in a sad state, but as I said earlier it was a favourite haunt of mine.

“I’d be very grateful if you can find out this information for me.”

Q: Do you remember Scotia, one of the first licensed men-only clubs in Scotland, based on St John’s Hill?

Reader Margaret Baxter would like to meet those Southsiders that do remember it.

“Once a year they hired tram cars to take their wives and children to St Margaret’s Park, Corstorphine, for a picnic.

“We were all given a picnic bag and I remember this lady making tea.

“She had a big urn on a table.

“We have races and dancing. A man sat with an accordian playing away.

“It was great fun.

“I am in my 70s now, but I’m sure there must be some Southsiders left who remember. I would love to meet them.”