Readers’ queries: Thomson family research | Mystery artist ‘N Craigs 76’

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THIS week we have a reader looking for some help researching her mother’s family, and a question about an old painting.

Q: Jenny Finlay is looking for some help with research. She writes: “I am carrying out some research on behalf of my mother, Edith Cleghorn Thomson, daughter of Martha Thomson (deceased) who is searching for living relatives or friends.

The last known family details are: Martha (Hilda) Thomson, daughter of Alexander Thomson, Sgt of Police (believed to have progressed to Inspector – Glasgow Police) and Jane Thomson MacRae; Born: 12-04-1904, Morningside District, Edinburgh; Last known address: 13 Shade Park Gardens, Dalkeith; Died: 22-08-1960, Eastern General Hospital, Leith, Edinburgh.

“I would be grateful for any help your readers could give me.”

Anyone with information can email Jenny at

Q: Reader Frank Mooney is hoping to find out some details about an old painting he purchased. He writes: “I purchased Oil On Board from the Hearing Aids for Dogs about two years ago. Many people ask me where it was painted and who the artist is. It is signed ‘N Craigs 76’. I cannot find any information about him and would be grateful if anyone has information on who he was and what the picture represents.”

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