Readers’ queries: Unexploded grenades in Melville Street

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This week we have a renewed appeal to an intriguing question asked two weeks ago, after bomb disposal teams were called in to deal with unexploded Second World War hand grenades uncovered in Melville Street.

Graham Esson, 64, of Leith, asked: “I read the story about the unexploded Second World War munitions with great interest, and I was particularly intrigued by the fact they were not the only things uncovered by excavation works.

“As well as the grenades, it seems there was a lot of old ammunition discovered, which apparently may have been left there by a member of the Home Guard and simply forgotten about.

“I would be very interested to find out if any of your readers have any more details about whether there was indeed a Home Guard station there and, if so, when it was set up and why was it simply abandoned?

“It seems unusual that they would leave ammunition behind, certainly, and it would be fascinating to find out if anyone can perhaps remember the guard station there.

“The story also got me wondering if there could be similar forgotten stations in the Capital. Perhaps the council should investigate?”

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