Readers’ queries: Walt Disney’s Greyfriars Bobby

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Can you help Stephen Knight, of Whitletts Road, Ayr, dig up some information on his favourite film?

Q: I’m doing some research into the 1960 Walt Disney Greyfriars Bobby film.

A big fan of the film, I’m hoping to put together an article or perhaps more depending on the information I can put together.

I have over the years collected a number of articles relating to Greyfriars Bobby but information is hard to come by.

Most of the actors are sadly no longer with us. I was hoping that any Evening News readers may be able to help with information either before, during or after the film was completed.

The little Skye Terrier in the film actually called “Wee Bobby” has very little history about him other than he was given to Chief Constable Merrilees after filming had finished, so any articles, pictures or leads – to coin a phrase – I would be most grateful to hear about.