Readers react to Extinction Rebellion protests shutting down Edinburgh

Rebels blockaded Lothian Road.
Rebels blockaded Lothian Road.
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Teams of Extinction Rebellion activists have blocked roads in central Edinburgh.

The protesters lay on Lothian Road and disrupted traffic on North bridge.

The demonstrators are hoping to draw attention to impending environmental catastrophe.

Hundreds of Edinburgh Evening News took to social media to react to the demonstrations.

Some of our readers backed the protesters. Alasdair Reekie said: "Sad thing thing is the only way real change happens is by people disrupting the system. Good luck to them, I hope their efforts make an impact."

Craig Young added: "Sad to see 90 per cent of the comments totally miss the point. Still, as long as you're all ok in your wee bubble and don't get held up for 20 mins on your way home what could possibly be wrong in the world."

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But the majority of readers were not sympathetic to the cause.

Jen Cresswell posted: "I'm all for environmental policy change as this is a real issue. What is happening here though is people who reduce their carbon footprints by using public transport are now using taxis. It's a bit counter productive.

"Also, this causes many problems for people with disabilities who rely on the buses. I agree with the environmental movement but it's very ableist."

Colin Lamond wrote: "A wee jolly for the privileged upper class."

Adam Lord wrote: "I hope the emergency services that have to get up and down that road regularly aren't required to help any of their family."

Martin Dunne added: "Sitting on the road in the city centre making rush hour traffic back up, engines running for hours all in congestion, where's all the engine fumes and emissions going? What a great advert that is for saving the planet."

Last week a video of a man lying in front of a taxi carrying children on a special day out went viral after the kids squirted the man with water.

Maureen Cummings joked, "Pity it wasn't the taxi outing today, the kids would have a field day squirting water on them."

Mandy Milne added: "Is the taxi driver from last week there too?"