Real Lives: Ron and Doreen celebrate their own diamond jubilee

Ron and Doreen have been married for 60 years.  Picture: GORDON McBREARTY
Ron and Doreen have been married for 60 years. Picture: GORDON McBREARTY
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A devoted couple from Linlithgow have toasted 60 years of marriage with a family party – and a visit from West Lothian Provost Tom Kerr.

Ron and Doreen Lambert, 84 and 85 respectively, met in a post office as carefree 20-somethings but were at Linlithgow Rose Football Club last week to mark their diamond anniversary.

The couple married at St Paul’s Church in South Harrow on August 2, 1952.

With the exception of his national service, Ron worked for Royal Mail for his entire career while Doreen occupied a number of jobs and worked with computers.

The couple, who live in Beechwood, moved to Linlithgow from London, in 1989 after they retired.

Doreen said: “Ron started as a telegram boy and his first delivery was to the prolific film star Ida Lapino.

“Then he went over to the other side of the post office where he was on the counter before being promoted to work in the office.

“I had so many jobs, in the forces, then I ended up working in computers. We met at a post office in Kenton where Ron was working at the time.

“I thought Ron was very cheeky. I worked at a jeweller’s across the road and I used to take the post in to him.

“He had to sign his name when I gave him the post and he said, that might be your name one day!

“Then we went out to see the film Blue Ivory at the Kenton Odeon, that’s how we got together. Ron’s a golfer and when we retired we decided to move to Scotland,” said Doreen.

“We met some friends at South Queensferry, they invited us up here and we loved it so much that’s how we came here.”

The couple, who do not have any children, have continued pursuing their own interests and hobbies while in retirement.

A big fan of the fairways, Ron has been a member of Linlithgow Golf Club for 12 years, and was previously a member of the West Lothian Golf Club.

He is also a supporter of Linlithgow Rose Football Club. Doreen has always been a bit of an amateur chef

She said: “I really love it – I think I should have had a hotel!”

Around 70 people attended the couple’s celebration at the Linlithgow Rose Club.

“Ron and I have had a great time celebrating our diamond wedding, it was really lovely,” said Doreen

Asked for their secret to a long and happy marriage, Doreen replied: “I find letting my husband go out when he wants to.

“He plays golf, goes to watch football and to bingo so he’s out between three and fives times a week.

“We’re not in each other’s pockets and I think that’s the secret – let your partner do what they want to do.

“We have had our ups and downs – if anyone says they have been married for 60 years and have never had an argument, I wouldn’t believe them!”