Recipe: Tea Loaf

Loopy Lorna's white lime crispy
Loopy Lorna's white lime crispy
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Gaynor Salisbury, the owner of Loopy Lorna’s Tea House in Morningside, shares some of her favourite recipes.

Tea loaf (gluten free/dairy free)

Tea mixture:

2 dessert spoons Loopy’s Bricks and Mortar tea blend

2 dessert spoons Loopy’s Glorious Morning tea blend

2 dessert spoons Loopy’s Oh my Marsala Chai tea blend

2 dessert spoons Loopy’s Tooty Fruity tea blend

3 dessert spoons Loopy’s Exceptional Earl Grey tea blend


1kg dried mixed fruit

2tsps mixed spice

400g dark brown sugar

Cold tea mixture

For best results soak all of the above overnight in a cool place. The next day add the following:

3 large free range eggs

550g rice flour

6 tsps gluten-free baking powder


Add all tea mixture ingredients together and mix with hot boiled water up to 1 litre and let mixture stew for an hour. Strain into a jug once cooled. All teas can be purchased from Loopy Lornas, or order on 0131-447 3042.

Now mix all of the ingredients together and place the mix into greased tins

(ensure greasing is gluten and dairy free) then bake at 150C for around 60-90 mins. For best results place a little tray of water at the bottom of the oven after 45 minutes of cooking. Once cooled or warm from the oven, treat yourself to a loving slice and enjoy with a hot cuppa.

White chocolate and lime crispy (wheat free)

Weigh out:

400g butter

400g white chocolate buttons

250g golden syrup

Melt all the above ingredients together then add

400g rice crispies and mix until crispies are fully coated/covered.

Place the mixture into a greaseproof lined square tray and press firmly down until mixture is compact. Leave to set (it can be placed in the fridge for a short time for speedy results).

Once set, melt 300g white chocolate buttons and pour over the top of the set crispy. Smooth the chocolate out so it gets into all the corners/gaps.

Then zest 2 limes over the top and leave to set. Enjoy!

Custard creams

Weigh out:

375g plain flour

375g icing sugar

375g soft margarine

250g custard powder

½ tsp baking powder


Put all dry ingredients into bowl first, mix a little then add soft margarine and mix until it all comes together.

Weigh out 50g of mix for each custard cream and then roll into a ball and flatten slightly. Press down with your fingers to form 3 little ridges and place custards on a greaseproof lined tray, spaced out, for baking.

For best results bake at 170C for 20-30 mins

These can be eaten on their own or with some butter icing in a variety of flavours, such as vanilla, chocolate and coffee.