Recipes: French martini with raspberry marshmallow and pineapple dust | Knickerbocker Sundae | Marshmallows

French Martini with raspberry marshmallow and pineapple dust
French Martini with raspberry marshmallow and pineapple dust
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Jason Wright, head chef at Steak Edinburgh and brand new cocktail bar and lounge Pepper – officially opening below the steakhouse at the beginning of May – shares the secret for creating a stunning cocktail, a great Knickerbocker Sundae and how to make homemade marshmallows.

French martini with raspberry marshmallow and pineapple dust


50ml Finlandia vodka

25ml lemon juice

25ml pineapple juice

20ml raspberry syrup

15ml Licor 43

4 pineapple chunks

Glass: cocktail glass


Rim the glass in pineapple dust. Muddle the pineapple and raspberry syrup in the bottom of the shaker. Add the rest of the ingredients. Shake and double strain into chilled glass. Allow the drink to settle for a second then add a centimetre layer of foam over the drink.

Knickerbocker Sundae



8 mangos, to make 1 litre mango puree

10-12 large stalks rhubarb, to make 1 litre rhubarb puree

12 sheets of gelatine

850ml cream

250ml milk

1 vanilla pod scraped

150g sugar


Juice 8 mangos and set to the side then cut rhubarb into small pieces and cover with hot water till the stalks are soft drain off the water and juice the rhubarb. If you don’t have a juicer simply blend each fruit and pass through a fine sieve. Set each juice to one side. Heat 750mls of cream with 250mls of milk and 125g of the sugar and the scraped vanilla pod till blood temperature and do the same with the mango and rhubarb purees. Soften 12 sheets of gelatine in cold water. Place 4 sheets in the mango, 4 sheets in the rhubarb and 4 sheets in the cream mix and allow to cool but not set. Now get large glasses or knickerbocker glory glasses if you have them and pour in a layer of the mango jelly, around 2cm deep them place in the fridge to set. Once set add a layer of the rhubarb jelly once again around 2cm deep, and set. Add the cream mixture to the same depth as the juice jellies and set. Repeat the process again.

Take your leftover sugar and cream and whisk till soft peaks form and pipe or spoon into the glass on top of the layered jelly then finish off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and homemade marshmallows.



9 sheets of gelatine

450g caster sugar

1tbsp glucose

200ml water

2 egg whites

1 vanilla pod scraped

100g icing sugar

100g corn flour


Lightly oil a tray and mix icing sugar and corn flour. Dust the tray with half the flour sugar mix. Soak the gelatine in 140ml cold water. In a pan place the caster sugar, remaining water and glucose. Heat till 127 degrees on a thermometer. When the sugar mix reaches 127 degrees add the softened gelatine and the water it was soaked in, then when the gelatine is dissolved, pour into a metal jug. Whisk the whites on a high speed till doubled in size and stiff peaked, slowly add the sugar liquid then the scraped vanilla. Whisk for a further 5-10 mins till it is glossy and holds shape. Pour mix into your floured tray and smooth out. Leave to set for 1 hour then lightly dust the top with remaining flour mix and tip on to surface. Cut your marshmallow however you like.