Recipes: Grilled West Coast Langoustines, Nachos Fiesta Homemade Salsa, Nachos Fiesta Easy Canapes, Raspberry & white chocolate brownie

Grilled West Coast langoustine
Grilled West Coast langoustine
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This week we have a lovely recipe for grilled west coast langoustines from the Boat House at South Queensferry, some spicy ideas from Jules Reeley, company director of Nachos Fiesta, Fountainpark, and a delicious Easter Brownie recipe from Kirsty Wright, head chef of Piecebox.

Grilled West Coast Langoustines


8 langoustines per portion

200g of butter

Juice of 2 lemons, plus an extra lemon cut into wedges to serve

3 cloves garlic, grated

2 tbsp freshly chopped parsley


Split langoustines down the middle and clean, removing the digestive tract that runs along the length of the langoustine.

Mix the butter, lemon juice and garlic together to make a garlic butter and brush over the langoustines. Place the langoustines under a hot grill for 4-5 minutes or until cooked. Place on the plate and pour over the rest of the melted butter from the tray.

Serve with lemon and chopped parsley.

Nachos Fiesta Homemade Salsa – serves 4


1 medium red onion

2 chunky cloves of garlic

2 green chillies

1 tin of chopped plum tomatoes

1 lime

1/2 teaspoon sugar

1 teaspoon salt

Freshly ground black pepper

Handful of fresh coriander


Finely chop the red onion and place in a large bowl. Add the juice of the lime, sugar and salt and mix together. Next chop and add the garlic, and cut the chillies in half lengthways.

Remove the seeds (unless you like a lot of heat) and slice the chillies. Add to the onion and garlic and mix well. Now pour in tomatoes, including juice, and stir together.

Chop up coriander and mix in. Top with ground black pepper and cover with cling film.

Store the Salsa in the fridge for around two hours to allow flavours to mingle and onions to soften a little.

Nachos Fiesta Easy Canapes


Homemade salsa (see recipe above)

Tortilla chips

Avocado – halved and chopped into small squares


Place tortilla chips on a flat plate and top with a teaspoon of salsa, then a small piece of avocado to add to the colourful combo. Serve immediately otherwise the tortillas will go soggy. This takes seconds to prepare and is something all your friends will enjoy.

Raspberry & white chocolate brownie – serves 12


200g good quality dark choc (70%+)

50g good quality white chocolate

175g butter

325g caster sugar

130g plain flour

3 medium eggs (whisked)

200g of raspberries


Grease and line a 9.5 inch square tin with baking parchment. Break chocolate and melt with butter in the microwave, doing it at 20 second intervals , stirring in between to ensure it does not burn.

Add sugar to melted chocolate. Add sifted flour, berries and eggs and mix.

Fold in the raspberries and the white chocolate through the mixture (still whole). Apparently it’s nice to bite into a whole raspberry.

Put mix into tin and tap gently to even out (DO NOT BASH!)

Bake in the oven at 170C for 27 mins.