Recipes: Pork belly and black pudding | Salmon Three Ways

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Jeremy Wares, the executive chef of Jeremy Wares at Houstoun House, Macdonald Houstoun House Hotel, serves up this week’s delights.



1.5kg pork belly

1 tsp soy sauce

1 tsp five spice powder

1 tsp fresh or dried Rosemary

1 tsp chopped Chilli

quarter stick of black pudding

1 tsp Chopped mixed herbs


Take an oven proof dish. Put 1.5kg pork belly in the dish and add the spices and soy sauce. Cover with three quarters water (ie not fully covering the pork belly) and cook for two to two and a half hours. Leave to cool for 15 minutes / 30 minutes then remove. Trim away the rind on the pork belly and scallop (cut right through) the meat into three slices (length wise). Now warm the herbs and black pudding mixture (microwave black pudding 1 min to soften). Now put a couple of layers of cling film on your chopping board. Put first layer of pork belly down on cling film. Spread (like butter on toast) the black pudding / herb mixture on the meat. Now put second layer of pork belly on top of the black pudding mix (to create like a sandwich) and repeat process ie spread herb / black pudding mix on meat. Now add final layer of pork belly. Having created the “triple decker sandwich”, wrap all in cling film and put heavy weight (container of salt or water) on top and leave in fridge for 12 hours to set. Take out of fridge and remove cling film. Cut into inch squares and then flour the pork belly pieces and dip into egg and milk mixture (eggwash) and then roll in breadcrumbs. Deep fry until golden brown then put in oven for approx 2 mins. Serve and enjoy.


Smoked Salmon Mouse

Hot Smoked Salmon Rillettes & Mayo Top

Cold Roast Salmon, Melba Toast and Tarragon Mayo


100g smoked salmon

250ml double cream

10ml lemon juice

2tbsp mayonnaise

sprig of fresh tarragon

8 melba toasts

sprinkle of paprika

2tbs balsamic vinegar

herb oil

300g cucumber spaghetti

herb oil

cayenne powder


For the smoked salmon mouse, blend together 100g smoked salmon trim then slowly add 250ml double cream. Add lemon juice. Break up the salmon add small quantity of mayo and fresh herbs. Push into a cutter and top with mayo and a sprinkle of paprika. Pan fry raw salmon on skin side till crispy and cooked. To plate up, squiggle Balsamic Vinegar and herb oil over the plate then add the cucumber ribbons. Place a quennel of salmon mouse at one end the roast salmon then the rillettes. Place the two triangles of melba toast in the mouse. Then serve.