Recommended restaurant: Namaste Kathmandu, Forrest Road

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WITH frontage typical of an Indian restaurant, the interior followed suit. However it was not the decor but the Nepalese aspect of the menu which drew us in.

Following a plain and a spicy cumin-infused poppadum with the usual mango chutney, piccallili and onion salsa we finally decided on our starters. Choosing steamed Mo:Mo, minced chicken with spices and coriander (£5.95) to start I eagerly anticipated a delicate, flavoursome starter. Whilst the flavours did explode in the mouth, the dumplings were a touch too thick and undercooked.

Across the table a dish of grilled lamb chops, Bhed Ko Karan (£6.95) arrived with a light, creamy mint sauce. Despite not looking as appealing as mine, the lamb was perfectly tender and the combination of spices delicious.

Lured in by the overnight marinade of herbs, spices and yoghurt I chose the Bheda Tona (£11.25). The diced lamb leg dish was quite rich thanks to the bones remaining in right to the end. Wanting a curry that didn’t blow the top of his head off, my partner chose the Jhinga Hara Pyaz Masala (£12.95). The ratio of tiger prawns to sweet bell peppers was perfect as was the combination of peppercorns and fried spring onion.

Convinced by our waiter, we chose Kulfi, a homemade ice cream laced with nuts and mango and it was refreshing if a touch sweet.

The staff were friendly, helpful and resolutely cheery. However, being a touch on the pricey side, with a pint of beer at £4.50 and mains sitting around the £12 mark, it is perhaps missing a weekday deal to improve the atmosphere and take the sting off the prices.

• Namaste Kathmandu, 17-19 Forrest Road, Edinburgh EH1 2QH,