Recycling overhaul in Midlothian

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A MAJOR overhaul of the recycling system is to be rolled out in Midlothian.

The improvements, due to come into effect in October, include weekly food collections and residents receiving a new wheelie bin for dry goods such as packaging and aerosols, to be recycled.

The proposals would see grey bins continue to be emptied fortnightly and the brown garden waste bins will be emptied every two weeks between March and November.

Residents will receive a new wheelie bin for dry material such as plastic bottles, Tetra Pak cartons, newspapers and cans. This will also be emptied fortnightly.

The red box, currently used to collect glass, will be picked up fortnightly instead of weekly. Food waste will be collected in a small 55-litre bin.

Residents’ views on the recycling proposals can be included in a survey available on the council website from the end of February.

A series of meetings and roadshows will be held throughout the coming months. It is hoped the measures will see recycling rates reach more than 56 per cent by 2015.