Referendum dog Angus missing after escaping car

Angus came to prominence during a Better Together rally attended by Alistair Darling. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Angus came to prominence during a Better Together rally attended by Alistair Darling. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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A MUCH-LOVED dog who played a starring role in the ­independence referendum ­after pictures of him with Alistair Darling went viral has gone missing.

Adorable West Highland terrier Angus made headlines around the world when he grabbed the attention of the Better Together leader at a rally in Stockbridge on September 8, thanks to the ‘No Thanks’ badges adorning his fur.

But devastated owners Nigel and Pat Sharp were forced to spend Christmas without their beloved pet as the eight-year-old dog went missing on Saturday lunchtime after leaping from their car as they stopped to drop off recycling at Morrisons in Ferry Road.

Mrs Sharp, who lives in the New Town, said: “The car boot wasn’t quite shut and the little whatsit must have jumped out.

“We were on our way to ­Silverknowes for a walk and we got all the way down there and opened the boot to find only one dog, our other one Gemma, looking out at us.”

The Sharps raced back to the supermarket and discovered passers-by had tried to catch the dog, but he had got away.

Since then the family has scoured the city looking for ­Angus, who was last seen in Granton at the weekend.

The grandmother-of-two said: “We have just been overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers through Facebook.

“I had a message from a girl the other night who said she had been out looking for him. I had never even met her.

“We have spoken to everybody we can think of – dog and cat homes, the police – but we have had no luck.

“I think someone might have picked him up and thought ‘He will make a nice Christmas present’. We just want him back. He’s such a lovely dog.”

Angus was rescued by the ­retired couple from an ­Essex animal shelter, along with Gemma, an 11-year-old border terrier.

Mrs Sharp said: “Gemma is devastated. She keeps looking for him everywhere. They have been stuck together like glue since we introduced them.

“My grandchildren will be so upset when they come to visit and find Angus isn’t here.” She said Angus’ moment of fame had become a running joke, but she hoped he had not been deliberately taken as a result.

Mrs Sharp added: “The world’s press were there that day and they all went mad when they saw Angus. We were all laughing afterwards as one of our friends phoned and said he wasn’t worried about the ­referendum any more as it was in Angus’ hands.”

A spokesman from the now defunct Better Together campaign said: “Angus was a surprising player in the campaign during the last few days before the referendum.

“We would urge anyone with information to come forward. We hope he is found soon.”

• There is a £200 reward for information leading to discovery of Angus, who is wearing a red collar and a tartan jacket. Contact us on 0131-311 7541.