Repeat offender banned from town centre

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A CRIMINAL has been banned from his home town just months after vowing to ignore any ruling keeping him out.

Lewis Anderson, 21, was ordered to stay clear of Prestonpans High Street and every pub in the area after being arrested 35 times.

Lewis Anderson

Lewis Anderson

He was originally handed an Asbo in August last year but was then jailed after assaulting a woman the following month.

But just seven months ago, before the original Asbo application was made, the delinquent had vowed to defy any ban on entering the town.

Alongside a picture of a map of Prestonpans, he wrote on his Facebook page: “Council and police trying to gie me an asbo fae the pans for 3 yeer deh hink so like see yeez at court,” before adding: “They’ll never keep me oot.”

Council chiefs said they had been left with no option but to apply for the ruling after Anderson – who is due to be released from prison at the end of this month – spurned a host of chances to behave.

New restrictions on the former Preston Lodge High School pupil were requested by East Lothian Council following the latest offence.

He will be unable to enter Prestonpans High Street, except when passing through on the bus, and every pub in the town.

If Anderson – whose last address was Carberry Court in Whitecraig – breaches any of the conditions of his Asbo, he faces being hauled back before court and another spell in jail.

John McNeil, vice-chair of Lothian and Borders Police board and a Musselburgh councillor, backed the extension of the Asbo.

He said: “There is no doubt that the authorities have tried to help this young man. No-one likes to hear of someone being given an Asbo, but unfortunately we have got to come down on those who don’t make East Lothian a nice place to live.

“Our communities demand that local politicians make sure the tool box is there and always open. If we have the tool in the box and can use the strong arm of the law by placing an Asbo, we will do it.

“If a member of the public takes no recognition of their place in their community, why should others be put out?”

In its application for the new conditions, East Lothian Council said that despite warning him, the authority believed Anderson’s antisocial behaviour would continue after his release from prison.

It said he had a history of antisocial behaviour and convictions for assault.

Among the dozens of offences, 27 took place in Prestonpans, including the assault on the woman in 

Under the terms of the original three-year Asbo, granted by Haddington Sheriff Court, Anderson was prevented from being violent or aggressive toward others, shouting, swearing and verbally abusing others or behaving in a racially aggravated way anywhere in East Lothian.

A spokesman for East Lothian Council said: “Lewis Anderson had a long record of aggressive and antisocial behaviour which has caused alarm and distress to others.

“We hope that on his release from prison he will be able to change his ways, but given his record we believe it is necessary to restrict his movements within Prestonpans.”