Residential canal moorings to be auctioned on eBay

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Scottish Canals has announced that the first two new residential moorings at Leamington Wharf in Edinburgh will be auctioned on eBay, beginning Monday.

The auction of residential moorings is part of the nation-wide campaign encouraging more people to try “Living on Water”, launched last month. Full details of each mooring, including the services provided, will be available during the auction. The two moorings at Leamington Wharf are located on a quiet stretch of canal next to the Leamington Lift Bridge and down the towpath from Edinburgh Quay, an established waterfront area with a vibrant mix of cafés, restaurants and businesses.

The campaign is part of the organisation’s drive to stimulate more activity on the Scottish canals which have been transformed into increasingly vibrant waterways in recent years. The listing will last for ten days, closing at 4pm on Thursday, November 1.