Residents use video to reveal ‘party flats’ woes

Tom Nathaniel, far right, and neighbours have to put up with noise, taxi congestion, urinating in street ' and worse. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Tom Nathaniel, far right, and neighbours have to put up with noise, taxi congestion, urinating in street ' and worse. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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RESIDENTS claim a task force set up to tackle rowdy stag and hen parties is failing them after problems at a so called block of “party flats” have spiralled out of control.

Fed-up locals have resorted to videoing the shameful antics of visiting drinking groups in the hope capturing incidents will speed up a council response to the menace.

Key residents’ complaints include rowdy stags and hens keeping them awake at night with anti-social noise pollution, people using their street as a toilet and traffic congestion caused by taxis dropping and picking up partygoers.

Click here to watch the video. Warning, foul language.

Tom Nathaniel, 73, chairman of the Residents Association for the 20 Dunedin Canmore amenity housing apartments on Brandfield Street in the west end, is calling for officials to act over the antisocial behaviour which is ruining their lives.

He said: “It all started when the apartments across the road began being used for short-stay lets, which was about January 2012. Every weekend it’s the same now – huge groups of stag and hen parties arrive, clogging up the one-way street outside and holding up traffic.

“Then at night we have people shouting and screaming in the street, ringing our buzzers at all hours because they don’t know where they are staying, and generally making a nuisance of themselves.

“We’ve seen people collapsed outside through drink, blow-up dolls and condoms being left just lying around, people urinating in the street, and once there was even human faeces right outside. One of our residents was taking her five-year-old granddaughter out one Saturday morning around 11am recently and there was a man urinating in broad daylight.

“It’s disgusting behaviour. Two residents have moved out already because of this and another two or three are considering it. Something has to be done about this.”

A spokesman for Police Scotland confirmed that officers had been called out on a number of occasions to deal with “minor incidents of disturbance and disorder”.

Labour MSP for the Lothians Sarah Boyack said the situation had become “intolerable” for residents, adding: “I know of one lady who has to sleep in her hall on a camp bed just because of the excessive noise in the street. I’ve made numerous representations over the last year and recently met with local police and the council to urge them to act.

“It’s unacceptable that peoples’ quality of life is being 
routinely disrupted and we need a joined-up approach to sort this problem out once and for all.”

Community Safety Leader Councillor Cammy Day said: “We have established a task force to deal specifically with these issues and are working with the residents of Brandfield Place and Staycity Apartments to resolve them. While we do this I would ask anyone who has witnessed antisocial behaviour in this area to contact the Council or the police.”

Ewan Fraser, Chief Executive for Dunedin Canmore, said they would continue to support residents and encourage them to alert them to any problems.

Staycity Apartments, the company providing short-stay lets on Brandfield Street, said they had no comment to make.