Residents’ water cut off for repairs

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RESIDENTS were left without water for three hours as workers struggled to repair a pipe which burst in the Meadows.

Properties in Newington were affected yesterday morning, despite earlier assurances from Scottish Water that supplies would not be interrupted by work to fix the leak.

Tennis courts and a play park had to be shut off after they were flooded on Friday.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “We are continuing our work to permanently repair the burst water main on North Meadow Walk.

“Our investigation work has indicated that the main is 27 inches in diameter which is an unusual size and difficult to repair with standard equipment and fittings.

“There was an interruption to supply for a small number of local properties between 7am and 10am which we apologise for, this was due to an issue returning the network to normal operation following the work the night before.

“Further work is going to take place to repair the water main. A collar has been located which should enable our team render the burst main operable and restore the local supplies.”