Restaurant review: Burgher Burger, Edinburgh

Burgher Burger is back. Picture: Complimentary
Burgher Burger is back. Picture: Complimentary
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Burgher Burger is part of a dining phenomenon which started sweeping through Edinburgh last year. With a clandestine air, it is a pop-up organisation which takes over venues with a menu which, unsurprisingly, stars the burger cooked by star guest chefs.

Having missed each of the dinners last year, it was a thrill to hear it was back for the Festival. At £55 per head for a Champagne and burger deal we fought through the crowds towards the Signet Library.

With one long table set down the middle of the room, low lighting created a calm and sophisticated atmosphere. The first course was chicken and sweetcorn chowder with a side dish of popcorn and corn bread. The soup was smooth and thick with tearings of tender chicken and the odd sweetcorn kernel. Not being too sure about the addition of a cinema snack we were quickly won over.

The main event arrived beautifully presented, topped with a gherkin and covered in cheese on a sour horseradish bun. The meat was undeniably juicy, tender and flavoursome yet whilst we enjoyed the concept of the horseradish bun, the reality was a disappointment. Although the bread was beautifully baked, we felt cheated by the weakness of the horseradish flavour.

For the final course, a pear and Drambuie tiramisu arrived in a small jar with teardrop amaretti biscuits, homemade marshmallow and a small jelly. It was one of the more delicious desserts we had tasted recently.

With approximately 100 people to serve, service was quick and efficient. It is a wonderful concept and the experience is certainly worth it. I could not recommend tracking Burgher Burger more.