Restaurant Review: Kampong Ah Lee Malaysia Delight, 28 Clerk Street

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AS snow storms, gales and sub-zero temperatures are forecast to head our way, my mind has wandered to the tropical beaches of Langkawi and Rendang. However, unable to jump on a plane and leave the Scottish climate behind, I was delighted to hear a friend raving about Kampong Ah Lee Malaysia Delight.

I arrived with high hopes of a Nasi Goreng that would transport me to those Malaysian shores. The interior was wonderfully basic; plain wooden chairs, unadorned walls and paper napkins. The menu was more comprehensive than the decor, with all of my favourites such as Drunken Chicken and pearl milk tea. We started off with some Roti Cenai with curry sauce at £2.90 and they were more than happy to make a vegetarian version. The Kapitan Spare Ribs and Chicken Wings with Honey Sauce were authentic, appetising and only £5 each for plentiful sharing portions.

The main courses were next and my Nasi Goreng waited. Tragically my hopes were dashed and my heart left a little broken. Perhaps my expectations were too high, but the rice was under seasoned, the meat was flavourless and without a fried egg on the top, it just didn’t quite cut it. Fortunately the vegetarian’s Mee Goreng (£5.80) was more successful and the Lamb and Beef Rendang dishes (£7.50) both disappeared quickly. The traditional Malaysian dry curry had much more flavour, the meat tender and the coconut rice (£2) was fluffy and delicious.

Kampong Ah Lee’s Nasi Goreng may not have lived up to my expectations but as I sipped my mug of Milo, the chocolate malt drink took me right back to my childhood in Asia and I found myself transported to those sandy shores after all.

Kampong Ah Lee Malaysia Delight, 28 Clerk Street.