Road Bridge proves perfect meeting venue

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A MEETING has been held at the top of the Forth Road Bridge for the first time.

Civil engineers from the Capital held a committee meeting at the top of the north tower yesterday.

Bridge chiefs confirmed it was the first time anyone had convened a meeting at the venue, 512 feet above the Firth of Forth.

The bridge was chosen after the Edinburgh Area Branch graduate and student committee of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) was granted an opportunity to visit the iconic towers.

A dozen engineers took part in the 20-minute meeting, including ICE Scotland chairman Alan Simpson and regional director Sara Thiam, as well as the bridge’s chief engineer, Barry Colford.

Treasurer Stephen Batchen said: “The group from ICE asked if they could have a visit, and we have been able to accommodate them because of our close links.

“It’s unusual for such a visit to take place so we thought we’d combine it with one of our meetings. We certainly have never held a meeting anywhere as exciting as this before.”

Forth Road Bridge spokesman Chris Waite said: “No-one’s ever held a meeting up there before – unfortunately the weather hasn’t been fantastic.”