Road hog: Escaped piglet caught on Scots motorway

The piglet is now recovering
The piglet is now recovering
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The Scottish SPCA is hunting the owner of a piglet after it was found running wild on the road heading towards the Forth Road Bridge.

An HGV Driver saw the piglet heading from Dunfermline onto the A90 towards the Bridge in cones on the outside lane.

Jack McHugh was stuck in stop start traffic near Rosyth when he thought he saw a dog on the road: “I looked harder and realised it wasn’t a dog but a piglets.

“I put my hazards on, jumped out the truck and tried to catch it.”

The terrified piglet made a run for it crisscrossing the lanes of traffic. “Everyone had stopped,” Jack said. “I got back in my truck and blocked off the motorway briefly. The piglet then ran into the coned area. I manoeuvred in, out of the way.”

Another animal loving commuter stopped to help Jack hem in the runaway porker. “We managed to corner it and catch it!

I held on to it until the SSPCA arrived. The other guy had gone – I was literally left holding the pig!”

A self-confessed animal lover, Jack said he went in to autopilot and it wasn’t until after the incident that he thought about what he had done. “My wife said I am hero! It was in a wee state, scared and shaking but once I caught it, it calmed down and she was fine.”

Chief Inspector John Chisholm said: “Thanks to the quick and decisive actions of the HGV driver the piglet was kept out of harm’s way until I arrived.

“Had she escaped from a transporter then she should have been marked or tagged, but she had no ID of any kind.

“Luckily she didn’t have any injuries and is now safely at our Inverness centre and we’re looking to give her a new home where she can spend the rest of her days.”

Anyone who recognises the piglet is being urged to contact the Scottish SPCA’s Inverness centre on 03000 999 999.