Road markings removed hours after being painted

The road markings are removed in Murrayfield Road. Picture: comp
The road markings are removed in Murrayfield Road. Picture: comp
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Red-faced workers have been forced to remove freshly-laid road markings just a few hours after painting them on after a mix-up in a city suburb.

Blundering council contractors were hired to paint new parking bays on Murrayfield Road yesterday morning as part of a drive to limit the number of commuters using the area to park their cars.

But after laying down the fresh outlines and marking out the words “permit holders only” in white block capitals, they were forced to return to the same spot just a couple of hours later to remove the words – as they were deemed “inconsistent” with the area.

A council spokeswoman said that, while the wording had been correct, it risked confusing drivers as it was not required in that part of the city to spell out “permit holders only” in road markings.

Instead, signs are employed to let drivers know that only those with permits can use the spaces.

Bemused residents condemned the blunder as a “waste of money” and snapped pictures as contractors returned to burn off the words just after 11am.

But the council insisted the mistake had come at “no extra cost” to city coffers.

One local, who asked not to be named, said the wording had appeared and disappeared within the space of about three hours.

The 47-year-old resident said: “It’s towards the end of Murrayfield Road, just up from the hotel. It’s only the words that have gone – the box is still there.

“I left the house at 8am and there was a sign on the lamppost asking people not to park there as work was going to be taking place. When I left the house, the markings were not there.

“I went to Sainsbury’s and took the kids to school and when I came back they were removing it – that was by 11am or 11.30am. They must have made a mistake. It just seems like a nice waste of money.”

John Yellowlees, chairman of Murrayfield community council, said he would be raising the issue at tomorrow’s meeting of the West Edinburgh Community Partnership.

He said: “It does seem rather curious.”

A council spokeswoman said: “As part of the creation of a new permit bay in the area, additional road markings were added in error.

“This was corrected immediately by the contractor, at no extra cost to the council.”