Robert Greens’ family ‘torn apart’ by his crime

Robert Greens: Family 'torn apart' by crime
Robert Greens: Family 'torn apart' by crime
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RELATIVES of Da Vinci rapist Robert Greens claim their family “has been torn apart” by his horrific crime and are now standing shoulder-to-shoulder with protesters campaigning to evict him from Midlothian.

His identical twin brother, Richard Greens, 35 – who the convicted sex offender originally attempted to blame for the attack – has vowed to do all he can to have his sibling removed.

The decision to join with protesters came following a late night meeting between the pair during which Greens again refused to provide his twin with answers as to why he attempted to frame him.

Richard arrived at his brother’s door on Monday night with his wife, Lee Greens, 32, and uncle John Greens, 33, and was ushered in for the pair’s first face-to-face meeting since 2006.

Speaking to the News afterwards, Richard said: “I asked him why he did it and why he tried to frame me, but once again he refused to answer.

“All of this has torn my family apart, but he still refuses to tell me. My parents and sisters all believe him to be innocent, but I don’t.

“He was caught, bang to rights by DNA. I was at the other end of the country at the time in Fort William. The hassle I have had is unbelievable, I’ve even had bairns run away from me in the street.”

Richard went on to say how he has backed the campaign for some time and plans to join in future demonstrations.

He said: “I back the campaign to move him out 100 per cent and will join in on the next march. I wanted to in the past, but I was afraid of how the other protesters would take it.”

Robert Greens was freed from jail in January having served six years for the rape of a 19-year-old Dutch student in 2005.

Since his release, he has been forced out of several locations by angry residents and is now subject to a three-month community campaign to have him removed from a house near Bonnyrigg – a 15-minute drive from the scene of his crime.

The twins’ uncle John Greens, who was close to Robert before his arrest, also told how the family’s lives had been “wrecked” by Robert’s actions.

He said: “I’ve fully supported the protest since day one, he should never have been allowed back here.”