Robert recognised for brave stroke recovery

Robert Dooner has worked hard to be active again since suffering a stroke at the age of 45
Robert Dooner has worked hard to be active again since suffering a stroke at the age of 45
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A North Berwick father-of-two, who overcame challenges to recover from a stroke, had his achievement recognised last Friday.

wRobert Dooner was presented with a Life After Stroke Award at the Stroke Association’s celebration event in Stirling.

He suffered a stroke in 2013 at the age of 45 which resulted in him suffering a left-sided weakness and spatial awareness difficulties.

Robert, who was nominated for the Adult Courage Award, worked hard to get back to being active again. He walked the dogs, went swimming and attended the local gym.

Robert also resumed his passion for golf and, a keen rugby player, occasionally coaches and referees his son’s rugby team.

He has set up a Get Fit class at the local community centre to encourage middle-aged men, who had previously played a sport or had never exercised, to keep fit.

One of his biggest achievements has been climbing a Munro with his two children and their dog.

Robert returned to work part-time and has been on holiday to visit family in the Philippines.

His determination and courage has enabled him to go back to a lot of the things he enjoyed doing and he continues to raise funds for charity.

He is always willing to visit and support other people who have had a stroke.

His mother-in-law, who nominated him for the Life After Stroke Award, said: “He is undoubtedly our hero, well worthy of an award.”

Asked how he felt about the award, Robert commented: “I felt very emotional and surreal as I was only trying to get back to where I was. It was a good event and brought home the heavy experiences that other people go through.

“There are some amazing people out there. Those that battle and others who tend.”

Angie Macleod, the association’s Scotland communications manager, said: “Robert has made some fantastic achievements and we’d like to congratulate him.

“Recovering from a stroke can bring big challenges, but Robert from his sheer hard work and determination now has a good quality of life and is a great example of someone who shows there can be Life After Stroke.”

The Stroke Association has been urging people to recognise the signs of a stroke and take emergency action through its FAST campaign.