‘Robocop’ tackled suspected jewel thief in street

Laing the Jewellers.  Picture: Neil Hanna
Laing the Jewellers. Picture: Neil Hanna
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A POLICE chief-turned-mayor on a day out in Edinburgh wrestled a suspected gem thief to the ground after a £17,000 raid on a city-centre jewellers.

Ray Mallon, nicknamed Robocop for his crusading crime-fighting, and now Mayor of Middlesbrough, sprang into action after he saw the alleged thief run out of Laing the Jeweller in Frederick Street.

He forced the man to the ground and kept him in a headlock until police arrived.

Mr Mallon, 58, said: “I was looking at some watches in the window when I saw a commotion inside. A man came out the door with two female assistants behind him. What happened next was instinctive. It took me back to the old days.

“I stepped across the man and we grabbed hold of each other and wrestled for a few seconds. I managed to get him in a headlock and we ended up on the ground.”

Mr Mallon praised the two assistants for their “great courage” in helping him detain the man until police arrived.

Two Cartier watches are alleged to have been stolen. A man was due in court today.