Romanov fumes over ‘show business’

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HEARTS owner Vladimir Romanov has suggested that he will be curtailing his investment in a rant against the “show business” of Scottish football.

On the club’s website yesterday, Romanov said he thought there was “no point spending millions” when it was “someone else’s show”.

This followed comments over the handling of his side’s game against Kilmarnock, claiming it was turned into a “farce” after the sending-off of Ian Black. Manager Paulo Sergio was also sent to the stands by referee Alan Muir.

“That was the show, and it left many disappointed fans,” he said. “They spend their money to watch football, not the show, but unfortunately as usual they didn’t see any football.

“We also spend a lot of money but didn’t manage to see any football in these six years. We watch football degrading in its homeland. There are practically no high-quality Scottish players left, Scottish clubs don’t play in Europe and the national team doesn’t manage to get into the finals of international championships.

“Scottish football ranks alongside Armenia, Panama and Burkina Faso.”

Romanov also turned his fire on the media he says is “ruining” Scottish football, and went on to suggest that the situation in Scotland was driving away investment.

“Entrepreneurs and various large businesses turned their backs on that sort of football and left this national heritage to the mercy of its own fate. That sort of outrage from the media, federation and tax authorities kills everyone who is trying to change the situation including ourselves who are ready to invest in Scotland once again with stadium plans.

“And no-one is interested in what’s going on. This is why I think that there is no point spending millions to watch someone else’s show.”