Royal Mile YMCA video goes viral

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A RIB-TICKLING video of New Year revellers performing the YMCA from the strobe-lit windows of an Old Town flat has gone viral.

Hogmanay party-goers gathered on the Royal Mile to cheer the impromptu choreography that saw a quartet of shirtless dancers strut to The Village People hit while lights flicker in rhythm with the track.

A version of the video has gone viral. Pic: comp

A version of the video has gone viral. Pic: comp

The one-minute clip, captured on a smartphone by Maria McMillan, from Musselburgh, has now attracted more than 8000 likes and been shared on Facebook 3000 times in the last 48 hours.

Spurred on by whistles and whoops of support from watchers on the cobbled street below, four men performed the dance routine from an upmarket flat.

In the video, spectators can be heard discussing how the unsuspecting neighbours above the second floor flat are unmoved by the spectacle below.

A woman’s voice can be heard saying: “Look at the ones above it having dinner and not really caring.”

They also had a theory as to how the men timed the lighting behind their video.

She said: “It’s a posh flat, they must have, like, an iPad setting.”

Several people can be seen filming the performance while one happy-go-lucky man starts performing the same routine on the street.

Businessman Massimo Andreucci, who runs the Clam Shell takeaway, rushed on to the Royal Mile after hearing the commotion from the flat above. Mr Andreucci was among the 100-strong crowd and also whipped out his camera phone to record the spectacle.

Speaking to the News, he said: “The guy upstairs bought the flat a while ago and has moved in and refurbished it.

“On New Year’s Eve he went all out with strobes and booming music that you could hear in the street. I came outside and saw them dancing – they must have done about three or four takes to get it right.

“When they did, it was full on for the full song. There were about 100 people watching it outside on the Royal Mile and the atmosphere was amazing.

“It was just great fun.”

Commenting on the video’s Facebook link, one user, Craig Robertson said: “This is sheer brilliance!”

The flat’s occupants were unavailable for comment.