Salesman’s advert appearance spawns new catchphrase

Will Wheatcroft has another go at guessing the flavour of the crisps
Will Wheatcroft has another go at guessing the flavour of the crisps
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A THREE-second cameo on British TV is barely enough time to spit your lines out let alone spawn an enduring catchphrase.

But one whisky salesman from the Capital says he is now enjoying a taste of celebrity after appearing in a Walkers Crisps advert promoting a new mystery flavour and uttering the immortal words: “Sausages . . . mmmm.”

Will Wheatcroft, 29, who stars in the commercial alongside footballer Gary Lineker, pictured below, pop band The Wanted and Only Way Is Essex reality duo Joey Essex and Chloe Sims, said he has been singled out for light-hearted ribbing online and parodied by friends since the crisp ad hit screens last Friday.

Filmed in his workplace at the Scotch Whisky Experience, Will tries to guess the mystery flavour declaring: “I’ve got a bit of sausage. . .” and then “Sausages . . . mmmm”.

The flash-in-the-pan TV debut has sparked a raft of comments on YouTube, where the ad has already attracted 40,000 views, and Will admits he has become the subject of ridicule.

“I’d plumped for a number of flavours including chicken jalfrezi and then I said the words ‘I’ve got a bit of sausage’ which has effectively ruined my social life,” said Will.

“I get an endless tirade of abuse and rib-tickling but I’ve grown used to it now.”

Will was chosen to appear in the advert last year and filming took place shortly before Christmas.

“I work at the Scotch Whisky Experience on Royal Mile and they wanted to film in there because it’s a quite impressive room and next to Edinburgh Castle.

“They came in and I said I’d do it so signed a bit of paper and they came back to do the filming.”

On his new-found fame, he added: “It’s actually become quite enjoyable. At first it was mortifying and now it’s a pleasure.”

But Will said despite the constant parroting of his lines, he feels he may have produced a “million-pound catchphrase”.

“It’s going to get me a yacht and I’ll be pretty famous and appear on late-night TV programmes or maybe Celebrity Big Brother,” he quipped.

“But it’s not going to change me. I’m not going to retire early or anything.”

Will’s only previous brush with stardom was when he was shot by STV cameras leading a tour along the Royal Mile.