Salmond and Moore urged to back teen voting switch

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THE Scottish Youth Parliament and NUS Scotland have launched a new call for all 16 and 17-year-olds to be allowed to vote in the independence referendum.

They have sent a joint letter to First Minister Alex Salmond and Scottish Secretary Michael Moore, urging them to work together to bring it about.

Grant Costello, chair of the Scottish Youth Parliament, said: “Young people are more aware and engaged with the wider world than at any point before. Young people can join the military, drive, marry and work, but are not allowed to vote. It’s time to change that.”

Robin Parker, NUS Scotland president, said: “The forthcoming referendum could be the most important question for the people of Scotland in 300 years.

“Scotland’s students are Scotland’s future and so it’s vital that students of all ages and backgrounds are supported, informed and engaged fully in the constitutional debate and the referendum.”