Sarah Tolan: Sometimes less is more with make-up

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Sometimes less is more when using make-up

The no make-up selfie, last month’s beauty fundraiser, saw people ditch their make-up all in the name of charity and raise over £2 million doing so.

But whilst some people may be perfectly comfortable wearing little or no make-up, others are not. If this sounds familiar, then have no fear because there are ways to look and feel amazing without piling on the foundation.

Of course, it always helps if your skin is in great condition to start with and certainly eating well, getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water will help with this. It’s also worth having an established skincare regime which includes cleansing and toning as well as applying a moisturiser twice a day.

There are so many different types of moisturisers out there and certainly plenty suitable for all budgets. My current favourites include the latest addition to Origins best-selling Plantscription range, the Plantscription Powerful Lifting Cream, £50. It helps with anti-ageing and firmness so is suitable for, but not exclusive to, those looking to tackle wrinkles.

Another new moisturiser on the market is the new Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream by Kiehls, £42. Launched in February, this restores hydration whilst also improving the skin elasticity and, as a consequence, the appearance of wrinkles. Once you’ve applied your moisturiser give it time to soak into the skin before applying anything else.

For those looking to add some radiance to dull-looking skin, Clarins has recently launched the beauty cheat’s godsend: the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, £18. To use, simply add a few drops to your moisturiser and apply to skin to give a healthy and natural-looking colour. The result will have people complimenting you on your radiant glow for days.

Highlighters are a great beauty go-to for cheats and are a good way to cultivate a natural-looking glow without looking particularly made up. This should be applied to where any light would naturally fall onto the face which includes on the cheek and brow bones.

If you feel confident about a lighter base, then try a tinted moisturiser. These double up on function, helping to hydrate skin whilst giving coverage. And alongside this, there are now BB and CC creams on the market. Depending on the brand, these work all in one as a moisturiser, a primer, a sun protector and add colour to skin. I’ve recently been using Urban Decay’s Naked Skin Beauty Balm, £23 which has a little tint to it but also works as a skincare product by improving the firmness of skin and contains SPF20.

If you absolutely cannot be parted with your foundation, however, perhaps opt to use this sparingly where skin looks red or pigmented. Areas prone to this for instance include around the nose. Top this up with a concealer such as Clinique’s Airbrush, £18, where needed, but try to avoid using anything too heavy.

Dark circles can change a person’s appearance but you can subtly hide these. Yves Saint Laurent has just launched the Touche Éclat Wild Edition, £25, in Luminous Radiance and with its pen applicator, it is the ideal weapon to combat these. However, if this is beyond your budget, there are others such as The Body Shop’s Lightening Touch, £14.

If you want to add colour to cheeks, consider your natural blush tone and apply a light dusting to the apples of cheeks. For those unsure, check out the O-GLOW Intuitive Cheek Colour by Smashbox, £21. Fresh from the tube it looks clear but it reacts to skin and turns cheeks the colour you naturally blush in seconds.

Curl eyelashes and finish with dotting tint to lips to condition and add a little colour. And you’re ready for your close-up; say cheese.

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