Scots Tories say UK ‘belongs to us all’

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SCOTTISH Tory leader Ruth Davidson today told her party conference in Edinburgh that the United Kingdom “belongs to all of us” and pledged to fight “head, heart, body and soul” to save it.

Closing the three-day gathering at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Ms Davidson said the independence referendum was “the most momentous decision of our lifetime”.

She said: “The result won’t just decide if Scotland remains part of the United Kingdom, but if the United Kingdom is to exist at all.

“The UK’s successes are Scotland’s successes too, because we built this union.

“This land is our land and we will allow no-one to break it apart.”

Ms Davidson also used the speech to announce the Tories would scrap free prescriptions to pay for more nurses and midwives.

She said the young, pensioners, pregnant women and the poor would remain exempt. “But for people who’re earning, who are overwhelmingly happy to make their contribution, they will know that their small sum will make a world of difference in wards across the country.”