Scottish Independence: Brian Cox in Yes cartoon

Brian Cox. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Brian Cox. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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HOLLYWOOD actor Brian Cox is to take on the role of a cartoon dog to help campaign for independence.

The Scots-born star of Troy, X-Men 2 and The Bourne Supremacy will be the voice of Highland terrier Duggy Dug who will bid to counter the “scare stories” of the anti-independence campaign.

Cox, 67, said: “I think Duggy Dug has the potential to inject a bit of fun into the referendum debate and that’s surely a good thing.”

The online series with Duggy Dug, devised by Newsnet Scotland, is due to make its debut next month.

Newsnet’s Lynda Williamson said: “A loveable cartoon character is just the thing to counter relentless negativity.”