Scottish Independence: ‘No’ vote ‘will divide SNP’

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THE SNP is divided on how to respond if there is a No vote in the independence referendum, Labour’s Douglas Alexander has claimed.

In a speech at Our Dynamic Earth, he predicted a No vote and said the challenge would be for Scotland to come together after the September 18 vote, whatever the outcome, to make devolution work.
Afterwards, he said: “My sense is the Nationalists are divided. Some have suggested they will simply carry on a campaign for independence.

Douglas Alexander. Picture: Robert Perry

Douglas Alexander. Picture: Robert Perry

“The Nationalists owe it to Scotland to accept the result and work to make devolution succeed, not to prove devolution was wrong.”

Asked whether he would join Alex Salmond’s “Team Scotland” to help negotiate an independence deal if there was a Yes vote, he said: “If we saw a Yes vote, contrary to all of the opinion poll evidence, there would be judgments that had to be made by Johann Lamont, Scottish Labour’s leader, as to how our party would respond.”