Scottish SPCA officer gives home to injured dog

Melissa with Bea. Picture: comp
Melissa with Bea. Picture: comp
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An animal rescue officer from the Scottish SPCA has rehomed a dog she fell in love with after a lengthy rescue operation.

Scotland’s animal welfare charity received reports of an injured stray dog roaming close to the A90 in South Queensferry in January.

The dog was seen dashing across the busy dual carriageway and at one point it was witnessed being struck by a car.

Despite repeated attempts to track down the terrified female Border collie she evaded capture until around six weeks later when she was eventually caught in a trap which had been left by Scottish SPCA officers in an area where she was known to have made a den.

Sadly the dog had suffered a severely dislocated leg which had gone untreated while she was roaming outdoors. As a result of damage to the leg vets had no option but to amputate. However, Bea as she is now known, is getting used to coping with life on three legs and her new owner, Animal Rescue Officer Melissa Maitland, is delighted to have been able to offer her a loving home.

Melissa said, “I cannot take the credit for Bea’s rescue as my local colleagues, Connie O’Neill and Stephanie Grant, spent a huge amount of time on and off shift, day and night, trying to track her down.

“She was incredibly scared and had become so used to being outdoors on her own that she simply ran away as soon as she caught sight of us.

“We don’t know her background but it’s clear she’s had little human contact in her life and she’s been used for breeding.

“I already have two other dogs, Ben and Biscuit, so Bea is getting to know her new brothers and settling in really well to our little family.

“She’s clearly been through a very traumatic experience and we’re taking things very gradually with her but she’s proving to be a real survivor.

“Her amputated leg isn’t causing her any real issues apart from when she gets up out of bed after a long snooze, however, once she gets going she can really move.

“I’m so glad we were able to catch Bea before she came to serious harm and I’m really pleased to be able to give her the life she deserves.”