Seabird centre swoops to scoop top artist

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A CELEBRATED artist who has won two coveted art awards is taking part in an exhibition at the Scottish Seabird Centre in North Berwick.

Tim Wootton has won wildlife artist of the year for both Wildscape Magazine and BBC Wildlife Magazine this year and will showcase his work at the centre from October 14 to November 16.

“My primary concerns are with the representation of the natural environment and the creatures which live there,” he said. “Originally from Yorkshire, since relocating to the Northern Isles, my work has predominantly evolved from the seascapes and birds of our watery landscape. I find myself increasingly drawn to the interpretation of the places where sea meets land and my work is executed in a wide variety of media, but more recently this has manifested itself in large charcoal renderings and watercolours.”

Entry costs £7.95, £4.50 for children.