Sheep in city centre street for fashion shoot

The sheep on location in William Street. Picture: Jane Barlow
The sheep on location in William Street. Picture: Jane Barlow
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THESE four-legged extras looked a bit sheepish as they blocked off part of Edinburgh’s West End and upstaged some Parisian models.

The baa-rmy idea saw part of William Street closed off while the Paris-based crew, including four models, flocked to a photo shoot for Bonobo Jeans.

The French fashion firm has taken the idea of the “cool shepherd” as the inspiration for its autumn and winter collection. The handlers had some trouble keeping the unruly cast members on set however, with at least one camera-shy sheep making a break for freedom.

His woolly escape plan was foiled before he was able to jump his pen, with one publican suggesting he had been making a dash for a local baa-r.

Location Scotland Producer Stuart McClay said: “One of the sheep managed to make a break for it but we managed to get him back quick enough. We had a few handlers and one of them caught him just as he was about to jump over one of the fences.”

A large group gathered in the street to photograph the action, with customers from the nearby Melville Bar watching through the window.

Michael McNelly, supervisor at the bar, said: “All these sheep were just jumping about in the street. It was quite funny. The pub next door, which is called Bert’s Bar, has a cellar and it made a dash for that. The photographers were walking up and down taking lots of pictures with the sheep running and jumping about like headless chickens.”

The crew spent the morning shooting in Queen Street Gardens, which involved a park bench, the only black sheep and the models, before taking over the urban street.

William Street between William Street NE Lane and Stafford Street was closed for several hours yesterday. Pedestrian access continued throughout the shoot but about 30 metres of the street was sealed off to cars.

One bemused onlooker said: “At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. I really thought I was seeing things.”

Another added: “I saw at least eight sheep but I didn’t want to count them too often in case I fell asleep. Some of the sheep were jumping really high into the air, and running backwards and forwards over the cobbles – I’m surprised the people watching from Birrell Rainford Opticians didn’t go back and get their prescription checked.”

The producers said that Scotland is ideal for such shoots because even in the height of summer it can have an autumnal look.