Shelter fury at housing budget cuts

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CUTS in Scotland’s social housing budget are a “knock-out punch” to the aspirations of low-income families, campaigners have claimed.

Shelter Scotland policy head Gordon MacRae said: “Across Scotland 157,700 families and individuals are stuck on housing waiting lists, while 22,000 children wake up every morning with no place to call home.

“Despite this, the Scottish Government has proposed a devastating 45 per cent cut to the social housing budget which will make it harder for families to access affordable housing and condemn some to a life of poverty and ill health.

“The combination of these cuts and the UK government’s attack on welfare is a knockout punch to the aspirations of low income families in need of a secure and affordable home.

“This could have been a budget that takes us closer to realising a Scotland where everyone has a secure, affordable place to call home.”