Sheridan is keeping tag as ‘souvenir’

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DISGRACED former MSP Tommy Sheridan has said he is keeping his electronic tag as a “wee souvenir” of his time as a prisoner.

The former MSP had the tag removed yesterday morning after serving the last six months of his sentence for perjury on home-detention curfew. He was freed from Glasgow’s Barlinnie prison in January, where he spent just over a year of his three-year sentence after being convicted of lying under oath.

Mr Sheridan, who once appeared in Celebrity Big Brother, was jailed on January 26 last year after he was found guilty of committing perjury during his successful defamation action against the News of the World in 2006.

He said: “I have now been told I can keep it as a wee souvenir,” he said. It does feel quite liberating. I have been a house prisoner for six months.”