Shop owner left ‘embarrassed’ by Nazi regalia

Urbantek on Albert Place. Picture: Neil Hanna
Urbantek on Albert Place. Picture: Neil Hanna

A SHOP owner has told of his embarrassment after Nazi-branded merchandise was put on display in his window.

Complaints were made to Urbantek on Leith Walk over swastika-emblazoned armbands and medals.

Nazi memorabilia on sale at Urbantek. Picture: contributed

Nazi memorabilia on sale at Urbantek. Picture: contributed

Abi Stuart, 35, a self-employed production manager, telephoned the shop to raise concerns after a friend noticed the far-right memorabilia.

She said they were particularly upset given the timing, with Remembrance Sunday taking place this week to honour those who have lost their lives at war.

Ms Stuart said: “I’m disappointed and shocked.

“I phoned the shop and he said he didn’t think it was distasteful, hadn’t really thought about it.

“I think it was in really poor taste.

“We’re only days away from Remembrance Sunday and they were on full display to members of the public right in their window.”

Audrey Alisha Hill, who first spotted the offending items, has named and shamed the shop on Facebook in a public post with the tag “feeling annoyed”.

The armbands, known as brassards, were retailing from between £85 and £125 each in the shop.

The store – close to Tesco Express and less than quarter of a mile from the former 
Drill Hall in Dalmeny Street – was also selling medals from £20.

Whether items were authentic Nazi gear or simply imitations was not clear from the images.

But images of the shop window provoked a flurry of angry comments on social media site Facebook.

Annie Ominiabohs, who shared the post, branded it “outrageous” while Dennisha Mok described it as “shocking”.

A spokesman for the bric-a-brac shop, who did not wish to be named, said he had not been aware of the Nazi symbols on display in the front window and that they had been placed there by someone else.

He confirmed that the regalia had been removed from the display following the complaints.

He phoned Ms Stuart shortly after her complaint to explain what had happened.

He added: “A friend of mine sells medals and bits and pieces – medals and old antiques.

“I realised when the lady phoned and it was right out the place.

“I didn’t know anything about it and the owner has come back and collected it all. I am very embarrassed that this has happened.”

Earlier this year, a peaceful anti-racism march was held in the area after Nazi symbols – including the swastika – and racist slogans started to appear on road signs around Leith following the European Union referendum.

The United Colours Of Leith, which was intended to show togetherness in the face of prejudice, had the backing of Hibs and Police Scotland.