Show-off teenage thief is fined for stealing superbike

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A TEENAGER’S friends grew suspicious when he started up his sporty new motorbike with a screwdriver, a court has heard.

Following investigations, police found that the Suzuki 1000 GSXR K1 had been listed as stolen.

Thomas Stockdale, 18, of Bridgend, West Lothian, pleaded guilty to a charge of reset, or handling stolen property, at Livingston Sheriff Court 

The £3,000 motorcycle had been stolen from a house in 
Livingston, ten days before it was found at Mr Stockdale’s home on June 24. Sarah O’Gallagher, prosecuting, said the teenager had started boasting about the bike when his friends visited him.

She said: “He was showing it to his friends and he was seen to start it with a screwdriver.

“Investigations confirmed it was one previously stolen from a secure garage.”

Neil Robertson, defending, said Mr Stockdale had fallen in with the wrong crowd at the time.

However, he was now married with a young child and had moved away from the area.

Mr Stockdale was issued with a fine of £240, payable at £20 a fortnight.