Sick panda removed from public display

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EDINBURGH Zoo has taken its male giant panda Yang Guang off public display after discovering the animal was suffering from colic.

The attraction said it had taken the decision to keep Yang Guang indoors to allow him to recover.

It is expected he will only appear occasionally over the next few weeks while he recovers from the illness, which is also common in young babies.

Iain Valentine, director of research and conservation at Edinburgh Zoo, said: “Yang Guang is not on show today as he has an episode of colic.

“It’s not very serious but can cause some discomfort. He’s on medication to relieve this and we’re mainly keeping him relaxed and indoors, although we expect he will go out sometimes to stretch his legs.

“These episodes can sometimes last up to a couple of weeks, so he may not always be on show over the next week or so.

“Tian Tian is right as rain and remains on show daily.”