Simon San killer mocks justice with online prison photos

John Reid at Edinburgh High Court.
John Reid at Edinburgh High Court.

THUGS caged over the racist killing of a Capital delivery driver are boasting about beating the system by posting photos from inside prison on social media.

Pictures show John Reid and Michael Roberts bathing naked in a sink in separate snaps believed to have been taken just yards from a guard’s office at Saughton.

Michael Roberts, left, in an Instagram post alongside cellmate Lee Ridgway.

Michael Roberts, left, in an Instagram post alongside cellmate Lee Ridgway.

Reid, then 16, was jailed for five years after killing Simon San in 2010 outside his family’s Chinese restaurant in Lochend with a single punch.

Also featuring in the photos is fellow prisoner Roberts, 22, jailed for his part in the attack on Mr San.

In a fake Facebook account, Roberts posts: “I’m f**kin back f**k the system.”

He also boasts about being “in charge” and mocks guards for a security search that found nothing.

Simon San was killed in a racist attack.

Simon San was killed in a racist attack.

“They’re making a mockery of the system,” said a 23-year-old who spotted the images. “It’s shocking.”

Reid and Roberts were part of a feral gang which taunted 40-year-old Mr San, yelling “Chinky” at him.

Reid, now 23, was released after three years but jailed again in 2014 for breaking his parole, and again last year for housebreaking.

His latest stretch of five years and four months was handed down in August after he admitted punching a woman repeatedly on the head in Muirhouse.

He was sentenced for that sickening attack along with the assault and robbery of another man days later.

Roberts was handed a three-year sentence for helping Reid rob the man at knifepoint in his own home.

He poses topless with cellmate Lee Ridgway while the pair also post selfies from the prison gym.

“You’d think they would be watched closely but they’re taking selfies in the mirror with dumbbells,” said our source. “I don’t know how they got the phones, whether they were thrown over the wall.”

Roberts is understood to have taken the blame for the phones as a favour for Ridgway, who is believed to be nearing release having been sent down for car crime.

In a post since, Roberts boasts about being in solitary confinement “down the digger” - prisoners’ jargon for the separation and reintegration unit.

Video also posted shows a man with a towel wrapped around his head, believed to be Roberts, punching another inmate.

Roberts and Ridgway’s cell is understood to have been searched on Saturday after the photos came to light with two mobile phones seized.

Yet despite being moved to solitary confinement, Roberts was still posting pictures from another phone.

Reid is believed to have been moved to a Glasgow prison after the photos emerged to keep him away from Roberts.

A spokesman for the Scottish Prison Service said: “Possession of a mobile phone in prison is a criminal offence.

“Obviously this has been brought to our attention and we are investigating. We don’t comment on individual prisoners but this will be thoroughly investigated.”