Singer Kathy Muir pays tribute to Oxgangs childhood

Kathy Muir performing at Oxgangs library
Kathy Muir performing at Oxgangs library
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FROM the outside, it might just be another sprawling council estate known for the high-rise flats that once dominated the skyline, lots of concrete and a tough reputation.

But to young Kathy Muir and her friends, Oxgangs in the Sixties and Seventies was the best place on earth to grow up.

The sound of the notes made me think of Oxgangs and the burn by the high-rise flats

Kathy Muir

Now the talented US-based pop-jazz singer-songwriter has put her love for her childhood home into music – and appealed to her old friends and neighbours to help her create a video to accompany it.

Kathy, who now lives in Connecticut, has asked for old photographs of the estate which she plans to merge into a striking video to help tell the story of behind her song, Like Warriors.

It’s hoped both will be ready for joint release here and in America in December online via Kate Murray Records.

The idea took off after Kathy, 51, who has released more than 35 songs and two albums, wrote on Facebook about how her new work was inspired by Oxgangs and growing up in Capelaw Court – one of three high-rise flats at the heart of the estate.

“I had never had such a massive response. There were more than 8000 views of the video I made in which I spoke about Oxgangs,” said Kathy.

“Then people started replying with their memories of the area. So I created a new Facebook page dedicated to the song and Oxgangs.The response has been overwhelming.”

Kathy travelled from her Conneticut home to Oxgangs Library last week to collect some of the 50 photographs she needs to make the video and to share memories of growing up on the estate. Born in Capelaw Court in 1964, Kathy lived there until she was 18, when she moved to London to study politics and economics. A talented singer – Kathy started out in St Mark’s Church choir – she moved to the US and quickly set about recording her songs and performing live with her acoustic guitar. She has 
collected a number of images of Oxgangs from the Sixties and Seventies to use on her new Like Warriors video, but is hoping for more.

“I am very proud to have been born in Capelaw Court,” she said. “It was a very happy childhood.

“One day I was playing my guitar and playing around with words in my head. The sound of the notes made me think of Oxgangs and the burn near the high-rise flats.

“When we were kids, we’d all be out together, down at the park or hanging out by the burn. We were always outdoors, playing and having fun.

“I remember having an adventure kit and it had a little toy knife. I’d run around the fields, climbing walls and having a great time.

“We played at the burn, pretending it was a river, putting down boulders, so we could cross. There was adventure and we always protected each other.”