Sneak thief steals nappy bag from baby’s pram

Jamie Lyons with the posters appealing for the return of his nappy bag. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Jamie Lyons with the posters appealing for the return of his nappy bag. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
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A SNEAK thief thought he had struck gold after stealing a “laptop” bag from a pram near the Meadows – only to find it filled with nappies and baby wipes.

But now victim Nichola Lyons, 42, has launched a campaign for the return of the item by covering lampposts with posters publicising the theft.

The mum-of-two said she was left stunned when she arrived at the bottom of her tenement stair in the Meadows to discover the over-the-shoulder bag containing baby Jamie’s nappies and a change of clothes was gone.

The bag cost around £30 but Ms Lyons said it had deep sentimental value as it was used to carry essential babycare items belonging to her son and his sister, Izzy, now four.

In a case of possible “mistaken identity”, she believes thieves took the treasured satchel because it resembles a laptop bag and has now put up at least 30 public notices on walls and lampposts – written in the voice of her baby – demanding its return.

Police officers said they had been informed of the theft and were keeping an open mind over why robbers would have taken it.

Ms Lyons said: “I had parked the buggy at the bottom of the tenement stair and left the bag with the pram.

“I did just leave it but I thought ‘it’s a bag with nothing valuable in it’.

“So I just couldn’t believe that someone would steal something that had been hung on a buggy.”

The bag contained a handful of nappies, wipes, a change of clothing and muslins, which are used for wiping off excess food and fluids from a baby’s face.

Although fearing thieves will probably have dumped it after discovering there was nothing of great value, Nichola is hopeful her unusual public information blitz is set to bear fruit.

“I just feel that it was wrong that someone would steal it – it’s of absolutely no use to them,” she said.

“I thought putting up notices might appeal to someone’s conscience a bit more – the fact that it was against a defenceless baby.

“I did phone the police to see if someone had handed it in.

“To be fair, it did look like a laptop bag, which is probably why someone stole it. I just hope they give it back.

“I’m appealing to their better nature.”

Ms Lyons, an operations director at a management consultancy, said the bag was bought about four and half years ago, before she gave birth to her daughter, and that it had been a huge help when bringing up both her children.

She added: “It’s a satchel-style, over-the-shoulder bag with a long strap that I used to hang off the end of the buggy, and it had two plastic slot clips at the front.

“It was a very functional bag and I really hope they hand it back.”

Police said the hunt for the bag was ongoing.

A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “We can confirm that our inquiries are ongoing in relation to a report of 
the theft of a child’s changing bag.

“The theft occurred sometime between July 8-10 at Lonsdale Terrace in Edinburgh and is believed to resemble a black laptop satchel.”

He added: “Anyone with information is asked to come forward.”