Sniper wins accuracy award after horror arm injury

Corporal Roderick Jamiesonwon the Queen's Medal for Champion Shots. Picture: Deadline
Corporal Roderick Jamiesonwon the Queen's Medal for Champion Shots. Picture: Deadline
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A MILITARY sniper whose arm was ripped apart during a horror training accident has been awarded a prestigious royal prize for marksmanship.

Corporal Roderick Jamieson of the RAF Regiment has won the Queen’s Medal for Champion Shots, awarded only once a year to the best shot in the air force.

It comes five years after his arm was almost destroyed by a high-velocity rifle round while training in Wales.

His shattered limb was left full of fragments of bone and bits of the bullet, which exited through his back.

Despite fearing his career had been destroyed, Cpl Jamieson fought back to full health.

His determination and bravery was rewarded with a last-gasp victory in the annual battle to find the RAF’s best shot – and is the only person in the history of the RAF to win the medal who has been shot himself.

The 33-year-old, from 
Bathgate, said he was lucky to be alive following the horror incident.

He said: “I was an instructor on a Field Gunner course and I was supervising students on advanced live field firing ranges when I was accidentally shot in the upper left arm.

“My arm was broken into three pieces and as the bullet travelled through my shoulder it then smashed into my left shoulder blade.

“This stung a bit, but as there was a lot of fire going down at the time no-one noticed until my shouts of ‘man down’ were eventually heard.”

After a bumpy ride to accident and emergency, he spent 12 days at Selly Oak Hospital in Birmingham, where he underwent two operations.

Cpl Jamieson, who was first introduced to firearms at the age of 13 as a cadet in the Air Training Corps, said he feared he would never be able to shoot competitively again.

He said: “I only had one week off then it was back to work in a sling. Unfortunately, it meant I missed the competitions that year.

“I thought that was my shooting career over but luckily I managed to get back to it – the doctors said I could have lost my arm or been killed outright.

“I was pretty lucky in a way. It was a bit of a shock but you could say I have a close affinity with weapons and bullets now.”

Cpl Jamieson is only the sixth RAF Regiment Gunner to have won the Queen’s Medal for Champion Shots, and the only Gunner to have won the RAF Pistol Championship.