Snooker teen stunned by betting probe

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A TEENAGE snooker star caught up in a betting probe has been left “gobsmacked” by the allegations, his mum said.

Ross Muir, from Musselburgh, was taking part in the Shanghai Masters qualifying stage in Doncaster last week when he beat Thailand’s Thanawat Tirapongpaiboon.

But it was announced afterwards that Muir’s was one of two matches from the tournament being investigated by snooker authorities after alleged betting irregularities were spotted.

Margaret Muir said her 17-year-old son, ranked 113 in the world, had no idea such large amounts of money were being placed on him to win that bookmakers had suspended betting.

She said: “Ross really enjoyed playing in the tournament in Doncaster, but the investigation was really a bolt from the blue.

“He didn’t notice anything different during the match and was totally gobsmacked to be told there might be some kind of wrongdoing involved. To be honest, it broke his heart to be dragged into this.”

Snooker chiefs said they were still investigating.