SNP links its independence drive to American Revolution

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The SNP has compared its fight for independence with the American Revolution which went on to create “one of the most powerful nations in the world”.

The party hit back at an editorial by the Washington Post newspaper which claimed an independent Scotland would be “unable to contribute meaningfully to global security” and lead to “a less stable world”.

In a letter to the Post’s editor, a US aide to SNP Westminster leader and defence spokesman Angus Robertson, said “people in London would have read similar warnings about a small upstart country just across the Atlantic” during the war of independence with Britain 230 years ago.

Christopher Mullins-Silverstein, a Chicago-born adviser to the Moray MP, wrote: “As with Scotland today, that country was resource-rich and filled with potential but was held back by a distant government in London. Somehow, that small country overcame the odds to become one of the most powerful nations in the world.” He added that the editorial “missed the mark” and contained “troubling assertions” about European democracy which “run afoul of core American beliefs”.